The Cloud Changed Everything

Overnight, the cloud changed everything. There has been a renaissance in the field of infrastructure engineering, leading to innovations like configuration management, cloud computing, and now the container revolution. Rockstar tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are pushing the limits of computer science and changing the way the internet works every day.

The infrastructure needed to run high performance, high reliability systems is more complex than ever before: microservice meshes, container orchestrators, platform image repositories, distributed databases and caches, and much, much more are all critical components of modern system design.

In the cloud era, platform shifts occur at breakneck speed. Companies and teams who aren’t equipped to take full advantage of these shifts quickly lose their competitive edge, as others in the field slash their infrastructure costs with containerization and greatly increase technical efficiency with continuous deployments and continuous integration.

Ask yourself the question that your business depends on: are you keeping up with the cloud?