Google Agones – Keeping Up With The Cloud

Yesterday, Google announced Google Agones, a set of Kubernetes components specifically designed for real-time game servers.

Agones adds a GameServer controller to the Kubernetes server, which handles lifecycle events, connection handoffs, port allocation, and high-resolution health checks.

Beyond just facilitating the orchestration of containerized game servers (a project with which StrongStrata engineers are intimately familiar), Agones may provide some room for monolithic game back-ends to piggyback on timing-critical features like connection handoff. This would make containerization and orchestration an even better prospect for such systems, since it would transparently address some of the sensitive components of real-time multiplayer session handling.

Though Agones is brand new and not only bears an alpha designation, but an explicit warning to avoid production use, it promises to solve several of the issues that exist with deploying real-time game servers in Kubernetes today. Google reports that Ubisoft has already begun to experiment with it and plans to deploy it soon.

Agones is another example of the rapid pace of change in the cloud era. StrongStrata’s committed team of cloud-native system engineers focuses on this sector specifically, and can always be trusted to give rapid, relevant assessments of the latest developments in the field, months before your competitors have even heard of them. Contact us today!