SmartOS Build 20180315 contains Docker v2 Support

After nearly two years (!), Joyent has merged the pull request that enables support for Docker v2 repos. Big thanks to the team at Joyent for getting this out, especially Trent Mick, who wrote and merged the code, and Bryan Cantrill, who poked things along at my behest.

This will make it significantly easier to use mainstream Docker images on SmartOS, but there are still some hiccups — it seems that most of the process documented by Jasper Adriaanse is still necessary. Not quite magical yet, but getting there.

I’m hoping I’ll have time to throw something together that will give an updated overview of how to pull an image from the Docker Hub into an LX-branded zone, and if we’re lucky, maybe there will even be a script that can do juxtapose the JSON on our behalf. Stay tuned.