Kubernetes 1.10 Released

The Kubernetes project is keeping up its breakneck development pace with the release of Kubernetes 1.10 on March 26, 2018. The release announcement discusses a handful of important technical changes, but even more intriguing are results from a Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, which were included in the announcement.

Survey Says…

The survey shows that 49% of the Asia-based companies surveyed, including major names like Huawei and BlackRock are already using Kubernetes in production, and another 49% are considering it. This means 98% of surveyed companies are depending on Kubernetes as a critical element in their infrastructure (or preparing to do so).

If your team is not evaluating Kubernetes, it’s falling behind — plain and simple.

Platform Stabilization

From a technical perspective, this is a solid stabilization release, promoting important storage subsystems to beta status and giving cloud providers more control over the authentication process through new (alpha-tagged) extensions to the Cloud Controller Manager.

Particularly exciting is that the beta storage subsystems allow one to access locally-attached storage through Kubernetes’s persistent volume claim mechanism. This will allow a substantial speedup for any system that depends on low-latency I/O.

Cloud-Native Architecture Available

StrongStrata can help you architect and deploy a cloud-native containerization platform that suits your existing applications well. Remember, 98% of other companies said they had already deployed or were interested in deploying Kubernetes.

Contact us today and let us get your company equipped with the latest and greatest in cloud computing. As the survey shows, your competitors are already doing so.