Kubernetes is a container orchestrator, not a VM runtime.

Projects like KubeVirt and Virtlet represent some full-circle irony. It gets to a) the actual value proposition of something like Kubernetes and also b) the ultimate futility of everything in this field. Kubernetes, properly conceived, would just be a description language for compute assets and their lifecycles. The problem, of course, is that we already […]

Google Kaniko – Keeping Up with the Cloud

Google announced Kaniko on Monday. Kaniko is a Dockerfile builder that builds and publishes a Docker image completely within a containerized sandbox facilitated by Kubernetes, without any dependencies on interaction with a true root daemon like dockerd. As any seasoned Linux container user knows, dockerd is prone to crashes and hangs that can leave the […]

Is Kubernetes right for me?

Kubernetes is all the rage right now. Companies are scrambling to incorporate it as quickly as they can. And while Kubernetes (sometimes abbreviated k8s, because there are 8 letters between the “k” and the “s”) is a useful tool, there are a few caveats and provisos that one would do well to note before they jump in […]

Kubernetes 1.10 Released

Kubernetes 1.10 Released

The Kubernetes project is keeping up its breakneck development pace with the release of Kubernetes 1.10 on March 26, 2018. The release announcement discusses a handful of important technical changes, but even more intriguing are results from a Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, which were included in the announcement. Survey Says… The survey shows that […]

SmartOS Build 20180315 contains Docker v2 Support

After nearly two years (!), Joyent has merged the pull request that enables support for Docker v2 repos. Big thanks to the team at Joyent for getting this out, especially Trent Mick, who wrote and merged the code, and Bryan Cantrill, who poked things along at my behest. This will make it significantly easier to […]

Google Agones – Keeping Up With The Cloud

Yesterday, Google announced Google Agones, a set of Kubernetes components specifically designed for real-time game servers. Agones adds a GameServer controller to the Kubernetes server, which handles lifecycle events, connection handoffs, port allocation, and high-resolution health checks. Beyond just facilitating the orchestration of containerized game servers (a project with which StrongStrata engineers are intimately familiar), […]